Digital Operations Outsourcing
Digital Operations Outsourcing
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100% Factory Automation, industry's Best Practices

We have a history of delivering consistent results always. How?

Our competitive advantage is derived from an in-house, proprietary multi-tenant software-driven framework (e.g., for assessment study, strategic planning, program managementrequirements gathering, system design & testingsecuritynetwork, clouddata, maps, and help desk support) that  brings in a paradigm shift. Our functional and technical expert team can collaborate more effectively among themselves and with your team members too anytime, anywhere using multiple channels of communication. Timely Knowledge is an important asset in our service delivery philosophy.

While we engage with multiple clients (e.g., small, medium, and large enterprises, government agencies) globally, we try to learn from our mistakes or situations that we never encountered in the past. To avoid repeating such mistakes again in our future projects, we also incorporate these key learnings in a software (i.e., Bhojpur.NET platform) in terms of our business process automation blueprints. This platform exposes GraphQL application programming interfaces (API) that are used by connected enterprise applications.

Our entire business process starting from lead generation to opportunity qualification, commercial & technical solution proposal making, legal contracting, global delivery project management, invoicing, payments, logistics, support, and project closure is fully automated by workflow automation techniques.

We have implemented 100% factory automation to manage complex Information Technology system integration projects. Our results are consistent always since most of the information delivered to the customers, partners, suppliers, employees, systems, etc. is generated by dedicated pre-programmed system only while the human intervention is used to complement decision making.

The system triggers data collection using standard forms from various stakeholders. Our document automation engine integrates all the information without making common mistakes. Our communication systems notify the target audience and unified collaboration platform enable teams to work together on a work product. None of the quality checks could be missed since our system won't allow it.

Therefore, you can rest assured that we comply with standard operating procedures (SOP), business rules, and policies.