Digital Operations Outsourcing
Digital Operations Outsourcing
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Network DevOps

We manage global enterprises and carrier-grade optical fibre or copper wired, microwave and radio wireless networks based on emerging standards.

Operations Management

Hybrid IT Cloud

We provide global enterprise IT support services using multiple Cloud Service platforms hosted in strategic locations globally.

Operations Management

Security DevOps

We manage global enterprise IT and telecom network security of distributed architecture using our proprietary hardware and software solutions and services.

Operations Management

Electrical Power

We manage power supply to IT data centres,  fixed or mobile network switching office, tower or cell site using our proprietary hardware and software solution

Operations Management

Multi-Cloud Management

We manage complex hybrid multi-cloud environment end-to-end that includes requirement assessmentdesigntesting, deployment, and dedicated support for the enterprises. for the enterprises. for the enterprises. for the enterprises. for the enterprises. for the enterprises.

We specialise in DevOps Automation.

Service Portfolio

We operate different kind of technology infrastructure (e.g., desktop, server, storage) for small, medium, and enterprises as well as telecommunication service providers globally.

Network Device Maintenance

We provide telecom and IT repair services for your network devices

Hybrid IT System Security

We manage enterprise security for IT infrastructure

Complex System Integration

We deliver changes to computer software and hardware systems

Hybrid-Cloud Data Centre

We manage infrastructure build for Cloud Computing

Digital Content Services

We can design and market your digital content

Business Process Management

Our experts can operate Business Processes on your behalf

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